Walking Vaped

The guys over at Gotham Cigars have teamed up and opened a sweet new themed vape shop, Walking Vaped.

I haven’t noticed many themed vape stores opening up lately, and hoping to capitalize on the Walking Dead fandom, Gotham looks to be on the right path here.

What does Walking Vaped Offer?

Right now their focus on high quality e-liquid. Which is always needed in the vaping industry. They’ve spent the last three years visiting different shops, manufacturers, and suppliers so they can get an idea of what is currently offered and how they can beat it.

Not only are they saying it’s made with top notch ingredients, but they’ve also focused on making sure the flavor tastes natural, good and also offers good aroma.

Straight from their website here is what they feel makes their e-liquid the best:

  • – Certified ISO 8 Clean Room
  • – GMP Compliant Facility
  • – Glass Bottles with Child Safety Cap
  • – NicSelect: 100 % Pure Nicotine
  • – Flavoring Sourced from US Manufacturers
  • – FDA Inspected Facility
  • – USP Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol
  • – USP Grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • -Made in the USA

Ways to Buy Walking Vaped Products

So you can visit their website and purchase 15, and 30ml bottles of many different flavors, or you can also purchase a few gift sets so you can sample their offerings.

They also have one vape pen kit available if you’re in need of an extra one!

If you are a brick and mortar vape shop looking to carry Walking Vaped e-liquid then you can also get in touch with them and purchase their juice wholesale.

Wrap Up

We’re excited to see the growth of Walking Vaped over the next few years and hope that they continue to expand their flavor offerings and offer more accessories.

I, personally, can see their being a nice market for some Walking Dead style vape pouches.

As always, take a look at our other vape shop reviews, and always be on the lookout for our post on the best vape starter kit.



VaporDNA Coupon

Alright folks, I know you’ve been looking all over the internet to find some sweet VaporDNA coupon codes so you can purchase some awesome new mods, or vape pens.

I’ll be updating this page weekly, but for now lets get to the good stuff. Below I’ll post some of my favorite coupon deals so you can take advantage of the great things that VaporDNA is doing.

VaporDNA coupon

  1. This code will get you 10% off any starter kit, or in reality anything on the website!
  2. Right here we’ve got a $5 of $40 purchase on the VaporDNA website

E-Liquid Coupon

  1. First up we’ve got great deals on Yami Vapor E-liquid with an awesome BOGO Deal.
  2. Here’s a great VaporDNA coupon for BOGO on Naked100 Juice.
  3. If you’re a One Hit Wonder fan, then click on over to get $10 per bottle of their awesome juice flavors.

VaporDNA Mod Coupon

  1. Vandy Vape X Tony B Pulse BF 80W Box Mod at $15 off. This right here is a top notch and unique box mod that’ll be sure to please your senses and impress your friends.

To check out what we think of the folks over at VaporDNA head on over for our review! And to look for coupons from other shops hop over here.


When it comes to online vape shopping there’s a consistent theme of who is at or near the top, and that would be VaporDNA. Let’s be honest, most online stores are good. Mainly because of convenience, but it’s kinda hard to mess up online shopping from the simplicity aspect. However you’ve also gotta have a clean site, and make it easy to navigate for the consumer. That’s where VaporDNA excels. I love the “Whats New” tab being placed first because don’t we all want the latest and greatest? And once you’re done with that it’s easy to move to the specialized vapor products you want to look for.

The VaporDNA Story

Since coming on the scene around 2013, the folks behind VaporDNA have been on a tear to turn online vape shopping upside down. Armed with a host of awesome customer service reps they make getting your vaping needs, mods, and kits taken care of with ease. Never one to back down from customers having problems with an order; the customer service team handles themselves with integrity and handles any complaints in a swift manner.

Products Offered

Over on the site, your opportunities for vaping products are limitless. They offer starter kits, e-liquids, devices, tanks, mods, and other accessories. They also offer some of the top brands such as Yami Vapor, Naked 100 E-liquid, and Juice Dimension just to name a few.  There are some sites and companies that specialize in just one product, but what makes VaporDNA so great is the diversity of things you can purchase. Right now here are some of the new vaping products listed on their site.

Final Thoughts on VaporDNA

It’s straight plain to see why VaporDNA is at the top of the game. Take some time to browse their site and definitely make a purchase. *As a bonus I’m offering a 10% sitewide code

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Best Vape Starter Kit

Looking for the a best vape starter kit?

You’ve made it to the right place. Our goal here is to give you, the consumer, some insight on what kits will be best as you journey into the world of vaping. We’ll talk about different companies that offer kits, the products that these kits contain, and the difference in some of the vape tanks that are best as you start out.

Starting out with a Vape Kit

So you’ve finally hopped into the vaping craze? We think that’s awesome! We’re hopeful that this list will help you narrow down the best vape starter kit for yourself and give you some idea of pros and cons about the products listed.

When we set out to make this list we set a few parameters for products to make the top 10.

  1. Product must come from a reputable company
  2. The product must be highly reviewed
  3. Prices must be reasonable
  4. Product has a label of starter kit

Now let’s get to it!

Continue reading “Best Vape Starter Kit”