Walking Vaped

The guys over at Gotham Cigars have teamed up and opened a sweet new themed vape shop, Walking Vaped.

I haven’t noticed many themed vape stores opening up lately, and hoping to capitalize on the Walking Dead fandom, Gotham looks to be on the right path here.

What does Walking Vaped Offer?

Right now their focus on high quality e-liquid. Which is always needed in the vaping industry. They’ve spent the last three years visiting different shops, manufacturers, and suppliers so they can get an idea of what is currently offered and how they can beat it.

Not only are they saying it’s made with top notch ingredients, but they’ve also focused on making sure the flavor tastes natural, good and also offers good aroma.

Straight from their website here is what they feel makes their e-liquid the best:

  • – Certified ISO 8 Clean Room
  • – GMP Compliant Facility
  • – Glass Bottles with Child Safety Cap
  • – NicSelect: 100 % Pure Nicotine
  • – Flavoring Sourced from US Manufacturers
  • – FDA Inspected Facility
  • – USP Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol
  • – USP Grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • -Made in the USA

Ways to Buy Walking Vaped Products

So you can visit their website and purchase 15, and 30ml bottles of many different flavors, or you can also purchase a few gift sets so you can sample their offerings.

They also have one vape pen kit available if you’re in need of an extra one!

If you are a brick and mortar vape shop looking to carry Walking Vaped e-liquid then you can also get in touch with them and purchase their juice wholesale.

Wrap Up

We’re excited to see the growth of Walking Vaped over the next few years and hope that they continue to expand their flavor offerings and offer more accessories.

I, personally, can see their being a nice market for some Walking Dead style vape pouches.

As always, take a look at our other vape shop reviews, and always be on the lookout for our post on the best vape starter kit.



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